Things To Remember When Designing Your Photography Website

Tokyo-based photographers have the eye for beauty and the skill to showcase that beauty into a single frame or a photograph. But no matter how artistic a person is behind a camera, those skills don’t necessarily translate to web designing. So if you’re an aspiring professional, the best way to give justice to your art is to have a website specifically designed for your craft.

Below are some of the most helpful tips to get you started in creating a website design for your photography portfolio.

Know What You Want And Stick to It

This is just like adjusting the lens on your camera: focus. Decide the one thing you want to tell the most to your visitors. This focus should be about who you are, what your specialization is, and how you do things. Are you a photojournalist with a goal of telling stories? Or maybe you specialize in product photography with a touch of minimalism? Whatever it is, your visitors should be able to know your expertise with just one look on your website.

Personalize, Design, Get Creative!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help in this part. You’d be surprised at how many design firms in Tokyo, Japan specializing in website design photography. Look for a firm that shares your passion and understands your goal. The right web designer for your photography website will be able to personalize and design elements on your site that match your work. Things such as color schemes, font style, and page layout should be discussed.

Webtomo and Webguru Tokyo are some of Japan’s best web agencies you can reach out to for assistance regarding design, web creation and maintenance.

Spotlight On Your Creation

Once you decide on your niche, you have to make sure that your work is showcased through the most beautiful and best way possible. But first things first: choose only your best photos. We know you’re creative but not all shots are perfect, and you don’t want your visitors to see your sub-par work. Next, decide on how you want to present your best creations. Whether you choose to select a ready-made gallery template or have your web designer personalize a template for you, make sure your photographs won’t lose their quality once uploaded.

Bonus: Titles and captions on photos add depth and meaning to your images. This can also help your visitors appreciate your work more.

An Honest Profile Keeps People Coming

People appreciate honesty. Go and write your about page without hesitation; be vulnerable and honest. An updated profile doesn’t just help clients know who they’re working with but it also eases clients’ doubts. Make sure to add your latest contact information and links to your social media accounts so prospective clients can reach you.

Website Builders And Web Agencies Are A Huge Help

If you still lack the confidence in creating your first website, then try website builders such as Weebly, Wix, or SmugMug first. These platforms have useful features that can help you showcase your work. And if you’re ready to show your work to the world, Tokyo has the best website design photography ready to help you.

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