We are rebranding – Webtomo

We are excited to announce that Cloudnihon will be relaunching as Webtomo!

Webtomo – Your Friend in Your Branding Needs

“Webtomo is your friend in your branding needs.”
When we say the above line, we are transported back to the day when we wanted to fund a special event. That very day helped our collective motivation emerged – to create a company that assists every entrepreneur in creating his or her own mark in the market.


・How did that happen?

Simply because we were able to fund the event by humble ways and thus, learn that nothing is impossible to achieve. In the beginning, Webtomo (then Cloudnihon) was run by only two people who produced custom designed T-shirts. However, time did test their skills and polish them to give them a new direction towards graphic art and web design. Now that we look at where we are now, the Cloudnihon we had formed has transformed into Webtomo – a friendly yet professional environment for small to large business where they can see their thoughts and aspirations form their
If you’ve such needs, now you know who’s your friend.

Our Vision

We aspire to be Japan’s leading Web Design and Development company that provide our clients a Unique Branding Experience that will let them stand out from the rest.

Our Mission

We turn Brilliant Ideas into Innovative Designs to produce Remarkable Website Transformation that will give our clients a Unique Branding Experience.

Our Core Values

As the Japanese embrace it as a symbol of courage, strength and happiness represents the company’s core values:

 #Courage to innovate in every service it offers, putting brilliant ideas into life through its unique design for every client’s website;

#Strength to stand out amidst diversity bringing out remarkable results;

#Happiness to offer clients as the company‘s success is defined by every client’s satisfaction and guaranteed excellent customer experience.


Our Services:

Logo Design
The first step towards any branding experience is translating thoughts and words into a logo. Let our time-polished design team work magic and create a symbol that lasts a lifetime.

Web Design
User friendly websites are engaging. Lucky for you, we’ve worked our entire career making websites just that.

Web Development
If you don’t have the right architects at work to build your dream house, everything may be ruined. Website development is just like that. Thankfully, we’re here to help you out.

Social Media Management
How can we forget about SMM in this world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat? Gather all the wandering attention from these platforms and go viral with our help.

Web Maintenance
Your all-inclusive needs of updating and maintaining your websites, social media and your business in general are met here.

Website Hosting
Not just Google, we all like blazing fast websites. So, if there’s no question of risking your business as people get tired of slow things, why go for a slow website
hosting? We offer free web hosting to our clients. How’s this for being friends?

Why choose us?

It is in our core values to act friendly towards your business because hey, friends don’t let you down, do you?

Just so you know, we’ve been in this business for quite some time and following
are some of the reasons why people choose us over the rest.

#We know our job very well
#We are a collective branding experience you’ll come for time and again. Why?
#Simply because we are best at what we do.
#Mobile responsive designs
#We do our math, computer, biology, and everything necessary daily to know the
trends and thus, make your business friendly to mobiles.
#We never run out of energy
#We are like that battery that never runs out. Our 24/7 cloud-based support keeps you update and listens to you.
#Fast and secure servers
#Speed is the lifeline of a website and we’ve blazing fast servers that are guarded by state-of-the-art tech.
#Japan Data Servers. We trust locally built infrastructure because we know how Japan’s Data Servers take the edge.

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