Web Designing Services For Small To Medium Businesses

Small To Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Tokyo faces a lot of local competitions. When they go online, they compete with other businesses of the same nature across the globe. One must always stay unique and relevant as not be left behind.

The big competition in all business industries is the main reason why SMEs in Tokyo avail unparalleled website designing services to launch their website. And here are some of the main factors they always consider to stay on top of the game:

Unique Landing Pages


The problem with most websites’ landing pages in Tokyo today is that most of them have universal content and template designs. This is a common mistake many SMEs commit. They’re not aware that landing pages are not just web design elements; they can also be part of the business’ SEO strategy.

If you’re availing website designing services as an SME in Tokyo, make sure to localize your landing pages. The design and content should cater to your market, may it be local or international. Providing unique landing pages to your prospective customers can help you set your business apart from the competition.

Attractive About Us Page

Unfortunately, SMEs also compete with large corporations in providing services. To attract new customers, make sure to establish a good first impression through your about us page. Make it fun and engaging. Provide unique designs and navigations people don’t usually see on other websites, and make sure these are the first ones your target audience is going to see.

While you’re at it, match your design and navigation with informative content about your company and its humble beginnings. Provide your history, mission, vision, social media pages, address, and contact information. Give your customers easy access to your products and services, and emphasize the places where they can find you.

Distinct Color Schemes


Color schemes are as important as the website’s main design. According to the book Psychology of Web Design by Smashing Magazine, “the colors you choose can either work for or against the brand identity you’re trying to create.” With that, your website’s colors should match your brand’s personality and identity. You need to identify if your brand needs monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split-complementary, triadic, or tetradic color schemes.

More than that, it was also proven that colors could stimulate emotions. That’s why color psychology is always an essential factor in marketing and advertising. In this case, it’s crucial for website designing services.

Reliable Customer Testimonials

Avail website designing services with an engaging page containing customer testimonials. SMEs need all the exposure they can get, so start with your loyal clients and connections. Aside from your portfolio of products and services, prospective customers would love to see tangible proof that your business is reliable. Positive reviews from other customers can impact your sales and generate traffic.

User-Friendly Navigation

Finally, give your clients the best website experience by providing seamless navigation and straightforward layout. Your web designers must create user-friendly and consistent pages for your website. The placement of tools, bars, and menus should be placed on an area that any user will quickly locate. Additionally, also consider the type of device your customers are using.

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