What Makes A Good Web Designer?

If you’re an aspiring web developer based in Tokyo, Japan, you might have already asked the question: what makes the best web developer? Let us address this question once and for all. The answer lies in the developer’s essential skills. Aside from his or her ability to make stunning websites and applications, it’s also crucial to possess people skills and good character traits.

So, if you aim to be the best, follow the footsteps of your role models in the industry. Here are some of the most essential skills and characteristics a web developer should possess:

Have A Nose For News (And Trends)


The Internet is ever-evolving. As new generations of websites enter the picture, new design and development trends emerge. It’s vital for a web developer to know what’s new. Checking out the competition is a good idea. But if you need to have fresh and new knowledge, join conferences and expositions in Tokyo. Some of the most-awaited digital events today include the NG Japan Angular Conference, Japan IT Week, and Adtech Tokyo. Through these, you can seek wisdom from the best web developer in the city. Make this as a routine task on your schedule.

A Good Communicator

It’s also necessary to have a good understanding of the website you’re designing. The best web developers in the world have a good relationship with their clients and brands. They understand what makes the company and its target audience tick, so they can quickly come up with navigations and compositions that can cater to them.

Have Leadership Skills For Crisis Management


Technical issues and difficulties are inevitable. A company’s website is sometimes susceptible to hacks, bugs, and privacy threats. The best web developer knows what to do when these things happen, so you should take this as an inspiration.

Before building the actual website, have a crisis management plan. This is mandatory and necessary. Know all the biggest competitors of your website and list down all the possible threats and technical issues the website might encounter when launched. Afterward, give concrete examples of how you will address these issues in the future.

Diversify Your Approach


Consider the website’s users and diversify your approach. Since we’ve mentioned before that you need to keep up with the trends, you should also experiment with your styles to let all sorts of web users relate to the website. Make everyone feel at home.

Let us convince you to diversify your approach with a statement from Stephen Fluin, Developer Advocate for Angular at Google.com: “Languages are going to get better, frameworks are going to improve, and the standards and expectations of users are going to change…The applications we have to build in 2019 are harder to build in some ways than the apps we had to build in 2018 because users expect more…That is going to continue to change, so developers have to try to be flexible and forward-looking with what they build.”

Always Deadline Oriented

We’re not pressuring you, but you should be deadline-oriented. Your clients and their customers are waiting, so don’t leave them hanging. Make peace with your deadlines and manage your time well. It’s better if you plan your steps ahead of the actual production process. This will give you time to estimate the time needed for each project or step.

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