A Look At Webtomo’s Web Development Process

Webtomo is one of the most accessible web and graphic design agencies in Tokyo—and probably even the world. As a web developer’s company with a good reputation and track record, Webtomo follows a meticulous process to develop, design, and launch a website. That’s why we, Webtomo’s team of creatives, make sure that our clients get the best treatment and service throughout this 6-step process:

Getting To Know The Brand/Business

As stated on our website, Webtomo always connects with clients on a deeper level. The Tomo in our name means ‘friend’, so we treat our clients as friends and partners. We get to know them first before planning the overall look and function of the website. We gather information about the brand and its target audience to find the best business strategy and launch a website with personality. Above all, we make it a habit to find the website’s purpose.

Planning The Website’s Structure

We develop a siteitemap to carefully lay down all the areas of the website and their relationship to one another. It will serve as a guide for Webtomo’s team of developers before we create content, pages, navigational patterns, and designs. Overall, we’re aiming for a complete and attractive user-interface here. We’ll consider all the elements that are needed and not needed on the website. After all, Webtomo is a meticulous web developer’s company.

Designing The Website

Now, it’s time to make the sitemap alive. Webtomo takes care of all the visual aspects of the website after finalizing the structure. This is where the colors, logos, designs, and media content enter the picture. With all these elements, Webtomo can create a website packed with clarity, creativity, and consistency.

While we’re at it, we go back to phase one—considering the target audience and the personality of the brand. We strengthen the identity of the website by incorporating elements the target audience would relate to. Depending on our client’s budget and the business’ nature, we offer standard, premium, and platinum designs with cost-effective web functions and elements. Each package comes with multiple to unlimited revisions, source files, and fast delivery time.

Organizing Content

Once the house is built, Webtomo organizes the furniture inside it. We tell the brand’s story through words, and we place it in the right area—where people can see it. With our content management and SEO strategies, we place the right keywords on your web copy, headlines, banners, and social media pages. Our SEO plan includes content creation, link building, and Facebook or Twitter maintenance, among others.

Coding And Development

Here, the design, content, and structure will finally come together. Webtomo’s developers will create the homepage and subpages according to the website’s sitemap and hierarchy. We can build a website from scratch through coding, but clients can choose the standard and premium website packages to get thousands worth of free tools and software such as SEO plugin, WP-cache plugin, daily backup and restoration, and antivirus.

Testing, Launching, And Maintenance

Webtomo will test every single content and element on the website before launch. We’re a web developer’s company that follows a set of rules and standards, so we only launch a perfected-product. After testing, we launch the website for all the world to see and get back to work to maintain its quality. We listen to feedback from clients and end-users to keep the website up to date.

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