Guide On How To Become A Professional Web Developer

Guide On How To Become A Professional Web Developer If you’re an aspiring one, don’t lose hope. You can still rival your competitors and earn the trust of new clients by jumpstarting your career. To help you, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to become a professional web developer:

Learn Different Programming Languages

If you want to be a professional web developer, start speaking with codes. Be dedicated, and forget about your mother tongue. From now on, only speak codes. Programming languages or the codes are the center of the website. If you can effectively write the best codes perfect for the website’s function, then you can finally call yourself a programmer. Some of the basic programming languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SQL, and Bootstrap. Among the 7 we’ve mentioned, you need to focus on HTML and CSS first.

Understand The Basics Of HTML

Hypertext Markup Language or what we now call as HTML is the main system controlling the layout, content, and overall appearance of the website. It’s just a bunch of code, but when it translates to web or mobile, HTML will represent the entirety of the website.

When learning basic HTML, you’d first interact with the User Interface (UI) of the website. You need to start building code, and view the results afterward. While you’re at it, you’ll need to consider the website’s tags, elements, page titles, headings, paragraphs, links, images, and landing pages.

Learn The Basics Of CSS


Like HTML, Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is also an important style language that every programmer needs to master. HTML and CSS work hand in hand, and they’re usually dependent on one another. If HTML manipulates the website’s appearance, CSS is more on customizing the style and look of those web features made using HTML.

Find Your Niche And Specialty

 If you’re versatile, that’s good. The professional web development industry in Tokyo needs more jack of all trades. But if you can find your niche and specialty, then that’s even better. You can either be a Front-End or Back-End web developer to focus on the most important sections of the website. Front-End development includes the design and HTML/CSS programming language of the site. Back-End web development, meanwhile, focuses on the website’s navigation, content management, security, and updates.

Use The Right Tools And Software


Your skills and knowledge wouldn’t be enough if you’re not using the right tools and software. Start using free and affordable applications and tools like WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Mockplus, Macaw, and Adobe Dreamweaver. If you can find other free and open-source alternative applications for beginners, feel free to explore them too.

Create Your First Portfolio

The only way to enter the professional web development industry in Tokyo is to acquire clients and create your first portfolio. If you’re having a hard time advertising your services, try making some templates and samples first. Build your credibility and find some connections.

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